Thursday, January 5, 2012

Join us at Iscariot Media

There has been little action here at Blacklines Publications for the past few months. For a range of reasons, Blacklines is no longer. It was a great run - since 2000.

But we are still in business.

We are now called Iscariot Media. Under Iscariot Media we have created a range of different websites including:

The Critical Classroom - to help teachers to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in their classroom.

Australian Black History Month for teachers - resources and ideas to celebrate Australia's Blak History each July.

Blak History - a very new website which aims to post about events in Australia's Blak History on the days they happened. Very much a work-in-progress over the next few years.

Dark and Disturbing - a new website with our products still in development, that works with Indigenous and First Nations visual and fine artists to create t-shirt designs.

Deadly Bloggers - the first directory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander bloggers.

If you've been directed here because of your purchased one of our educational resources, please contact Leesa to get the new links to our Customer Only Resource Pages. 

As you can Blacklines is no longer operational, but we are still creating and work harder than ever.

Cheers, Leesa